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Core value of bewind is the system design and engineering which is underlaid by more than 330 years of wind industry experience and insights from the development and operation of up to 6 different product lines and more than 50 WEC variants onshore and offshore. Bewind combines the experience of system design, manufacturing, logistics, installation, service, and field operation from a wind turbine OEM perspective with an agile and lean corporate setup to achieve the best value for customers and partners.

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AVB GmbH Wind Engineeringsís products comprise acoustical warning and obstacle light systems for today's largest wind power stations, monitoring and communication equipment and networking solutions to connect them to onshore control facilities and emergency services.
All these projects require adhering to the state-of-the-art, legal frameworks within the different partner countries, and maintaining these standards amidst the harsh reality of nature, all to guarantee safe and reliable operation 24/7.

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isee GmbH offers support during the planning stage and implementation of wind farms. Our involvement can start during greenfield development, continue with the detailed planning of the implementation phase, management of the tendering and procurement of BOP works and WTGs and might carry on during turbine operation.  When considering detailed technical aspects during planning and implementation or in the case that commissioned turbines are not performing as expected, isee will involve RECASE.  The extensive knowledge and experience of their team is a valued asset during an analysis of causes. In addition we will cooperate when performing a Technical Due Diligence.

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morewind is a team of engineers with more than ten years of experience in wind turbine design, certification and technical expertise. With a strong focus on Loads, Aerodynamics and Control (LAC), morewind provides analysis of the overall wind turbine system in terms of performance and loading.

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PLENR is a French consultancy and servicing company founded by Jean-Jacques VINAT.
PLENR provides assessment for yield, quality and performances. Together with Jean-Christophe VAILLANT,  Jean-Jacques founded also the company OPENR providing mandatory and technical inspection of wind turbines and QSE management of wind farms.
In order to satisfy dedicated retrofit perspective into the wind turbines we finally created PARTENR that is able to set operational team into the site for installation and maintenance of sensoric and auxiliaries.

Horz + Wang

Horz + Wang International Business Consulting supports RECASE to achieve a successful cooperation with Chinese partners and clients via matchmaking and cultural consulting.