RECASE Regenerative Energien

Self-sufficiency systems

RECASE combines license and legal aspects as well as technical and economical specialist planning for holistic energy concepts. From the requirements management, via the design and implementation planning RECASE provides all service phases for a successful completion of your project.

Concept development

  • Target definition, development of an operator model and examination of the regulatory framework
  • Analysis of the energy consumption of the company taking the used energy sources, energy systems, load profiles and purchase prices into consideration
  • Dimensioning of renewable energies or CHP (combined heat and power) plants incl. forecasts regarding the energy yield and share of the self-sufficiency
  • Creating technical integration concepts (e.g. Hydraulic diagrams, electrical wiring diagrams)
  • Transparent and customer-oriented feasibility studies on the basis of the current legal provisions according to the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) and the Combined Heat and Power Act (KWKG).
  • Sensitivity analysis for the quantification of possible project risks in order to be able to influence them at an early stage

Implementation and monitoring

  • Obtaining and reviewing offers
  • Selection and coordination of suppliers and installers
  • Development of measuring and monitoring systems to monitor the effectiveness of the implemented measures
  • Energy monitoring and reporting of the ongoing operations as a basis for continuous improvement