RECASE Regenerative Energien


RECASE provides a wide range of knowledge and experience to analyze and validate projects for performance, reliability and sustainability or design projects accordingly. Another specialty growing from our experience is the development of efficient powerful and highly motivated technical organizations.

Concept development

  • Technical partner for restructuring of wind farm projects to recover from performances crises and off-track operation
  • Development, bankability and implementation of flexible operational concepts for all kind of renewable energy projects (e.g. optimization of your plant to maximize gain on the energy market)
  • Market entry analysis
  • Product management and product concept development

"Smart due diligence" and contract design

  • Specific and particular analysis of the really driving parameters of your project
  • Precise, comprehensive and compact results, suiting your organizations or addressees demands for information
  • Support on discussions and negotiation with suppliers of technical scope
  • Support on developing, checking and amendment of warranties, specifications, documentation, technical concepts and procedures for contracts

"Smart inspection" for wind turbines, wind farms and BoP

  • Precise analysis and alignment of goals with the employer
  • Acuurate document and operational data analysis and preparation in advance to the inspection
  • Focused and well prepared inspections
  • Focused summary of relevant results, in line with the employers expectations


  • RECASE staff is well experienced in running, designing and continuously developing technical organizations with satellite structures and a variety of vertical and horizontal knowledge and qualification
  • The mixture of technical, methodical, social and personal suitability of the staff to your organization is essential. You need all kind of it. We help you in defining the right requirements and finding the right candidates.