RECASE Regenerative Energien


RECASE provides knowledge, experience and capacity for performing engineering tasks to your organization. Results for studies, calculations, analyses and research will be presented in a level of detail that suits best to your demand and your addressees.

Operational Data and Failure Analysis

  • SCADA Data analysis for determining the performance of wind , photo voltaic and biogas projects
  • Failure analysis and determination of measures
  • Implementation, validation and adjustment of measures
  • Electrical load profile measurements for components, plants, farms and real estate

Detailed Engineering

  • In-Situ analysis and determination of the required engineering (e.g. additional sensor integration into your preferred or existing SCADA system)
  • Functional and detailed requirements specification for hard and software of SCADA systems and particular solutions for your project
  • Development of detailed solutions
  • Coordination of all involved parties (suppliers, WT manufacturer, electrical BoP contractor etc.)
  • Specification and implementation of commissioning, test and validation procedures
  • Documentation and training

Looking for an engineering solution?
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